You Are
What You Eat

UK: CHANNEL 4 - 52x30’/60’ / 4 SEASONS
UK 2022 RELAUNCH: CHANNEL 5 - 6x60’ / 1 SEASON

Change your diet, change your life.

You Are What You Eat helps people upend their damaging diets and commit to a healthier way of life. It starts with an emotional intervention, where the participant undergoes tests to learn just how bad their eating habits really are. Next is the food overhaul, and a big lifestyle adjustment, as the participant is challenged to follow a strict healthy eating plan. After eight tough weeks, we see if the participant has stuck to their new dietary regime or fallen off the nutritional wagon back into their old junk food ways. The original Channel 4 version featured renowned nutritionist, Dr Gillian McKeith and the reboot on Channel 5, features a team of health and wellbeing experts.

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