UK: E4 - 20X30’

TV's most outrageous 4-wheel reveal.

Who doesn’t want their dull, old car transformed into a giant hotdog? In Carjackers, a brand new show that takes drab cars and gives them jaw-dropping makeovers, unsuspecting owners have their cars transformed overnight into head-turning showstoppers. In each episode, two cars are secretly taken from their owners and sent to the Carjackers garage, where experts tap the owner’s friends and family to design an over the top makeover that reflects the owner’s big personality. What follows is 24 hours of action-packed carjacking, as the car is transformed into a larger than life character piece. A massive chicken nugget? A rocket ship? A cat-lover’s paradise? Nothing is out of bounds, and big reveals equal big reactions in this one-of-a-kind TV joyride.

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#2 in its time slot for A16-34 demographic