Catch 21


It's the luck of the draw.

Catch 21 is a fast-action series blending pop trivia with the tension-filled excitement of the classic card game, 21. Dealing out larger-than-life playing cards, host Alfonso Ribeiro quizzes contestants with general-knowledge questions as they attempt to build the closest hand to 21. Part knowledge, part nerve, and part strategy, every correct answer is a chance to add a card and build a better hand or pass the card and “bust” the competition. In addition, every correct answer gives a player control of the deck and the option of “freezing” their hand to protect themselves from being “busted” later in the round. Putting a familiar twist on a classic game, players match wits and put victory on the line in every round with the turn of a card and the next correct answer.

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Combines card game strategy with general knowledge, with incredibly tense gameplay

2019 reboot (65X30' / 1 Season) also available!