Skin Wars: Fresh Paint


Professional artists, from sculptures to sketchers, go head to head trying their hand at a whole new body of work - the human body. Can they conquer a different kind of canvas and win a top cash prize?

What happens when brilliant artists from various fields try their talented hands at body painting? From the producers of the GSN mega-hit Skin Wars comes a sexy and surprising spin-off, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, hosted by the master of transformation, RuPaul Charles. In each one-hour, stand-alone competition, six talented artists will be trained and mentored by Skin Wars all-stars and then challenged to apply their skills in new, unfamiliar ways. How will a sculptor approach using the human body as her medium? A multimedia artist? A glass blower? The results are sure to be interesting. Judges Emma Cammack and Mat Gleason ultimately crown one winner who walks away with $10,000 and a new way to profit from her abilities.

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Unlike any other competition show – it challenges art conventions and reminds the viewer that art can be fun, whilst encouraging self-expression